What is the Difference Between a Cabinet Maker and Carpenter?


Cabinetmakers and carpenters are very closely aligned. While both cabinetmakers and carpenters are great with wood, it is the cabinetmakers that focus on the finer details of what can be created with timber.

Cabinetmakers focus on detail in the internal fittings such as kitchens, bookcases, tables, cabinets and benches. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or cabinets, it is recommended you use a cabinetmaker over a carpenter. Your cabinetmaker will provide high attention to detail and is trained to work with intricate constructions.

Cabinetmakers also use a wide variety of cabinet making tools, including saws, drills, laminate trimmers, jigsaws and staplers.  On the other hand, carpenters concentrate on the use of wood for large structural projects such as house frames, decks and pergolas. Many carpenters go on to become builders, while cabinetmakers focus predominately on the interior detail. 

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