The Basic Rules of Outdoor Kitchens Design

The_Basic_Rules_of_Outdoor_Kitchens.jpgOutdoor kitchens bring a whole new level of excitement and increase the fun factor for your cooking experience. To make the most of your outdoor kitchen experience, you need a well-planned and well-designed outdoor kitchen which fits in perfectly with the scheme of things- your house and gardens and the way they are designed and laid out. It is very easy to go wrong when it comes to outdoor kitchen design and a poorly designed outdoor kitchen can stand out like a sore thumb. Following a set of basic rules for outdoor kitchen design can be a sure way to get everything right so that your family and friends will relish home cooked food with delight.

Following Good Design Principles

A kitchen can be typically divided into a number of different functional areas - cooking area, storage area, counters and sinks etc. In an outdoor kitchen too, these functional areas need to be taken into account and laid out properly. Care should be taken that each functional area gets a fair share of allocated space so as to allow free operation and be with close proximity with each other for quick and effective cooking.

Similarities and Differences

It is important to understand that an outdoor kitchen is not all that different from an indoor one. The same rules, guidelines and principles apply to both cases in terms of design, layout and equipment. The only difference is that outdoor kitchens need to be constructed in a way so as to resist exposure to the elements. Another point of difference is that since there are no walls, there need to be other methods of getting access to essential resources like water or electricity.


When you select materials for your outdoor kitchen, you need to focus on those materials that are durable and do not require extensive maintenance. Outdoor kitchens need to be easy to clean and maintain and the focus should be on ease of use while selecting materials.

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