Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Painting your wood kitchen cabinets it not hard but it does require time and energy. It is possible for anyone to paint kitchen cabinets but it’s important to follow some guidelines help you.

Allow Plenty of Time

Allow plenty of time to paint. Before you start painting, be sure to prepare the room for painting. Make sure you are very clear about the type of finish you desire. Wood cabinets will always have a flat finish which is easier than dealing with cabinets with a glossy finish.

Take your time when choosing the paint. Don’t worry about removing the old paint but you do need to sand the wood but in order to get the paint to stick.

It’s a good idea to have a cloth handy to remove any remaining dust. You want to avoid leaving traces of dust on the painted doors because it will result in a less than attractive finish.

Be sure to get the right primer for the paint you are using. Ask your local paint store specialist who understands painting.

Decide on the Paint to Use

Whatever paint you select, go with the highest quality you can afford. If you’re looking for a clean or airier look, white is a good idea. Talk to your local paint store about colours that may suit you.

Find the Right Brushes to Use

You will need a large brush for big areas and a small brush for tighter spots. We recommend painting the kitchen cabinet interior first because it’s less visible. This will give you time to perfect your technique

Allow Time for Paint to Dry

Before replacing hardware and cabinet doors, give it some time to dry sufficiently.

For any additional tips on painting your wooden kitchen cabinet, talk to us. 

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