All About Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

Painting_the_Kitchen_Cabinets.jpgSometimes, all your kitchen cabinets need is another coat of paint to get a fresh breath of life. Kitchen cabinets can withstand rough use and give a sense of functionality to the kitchen. Over time the paint tends to look old, peel off, develop blemishes or lose its sheen. In these situations, you can give your kitchen an immediate facelift by simply painting your kitchen cabinets freshly. Here is an outline of the process you need to follow –

  1. The first step is to prep your cabinets for painting by removing the doors and all the related hardware. Keep the door and all the screws and other hardware in an accessible place so you can immediately re-attach them after the paint dries. Also, repair any areas on your doors by sanding them lightly with a fine grit paper.

  2. The next and most important prepping step is to thoroughly clean your cabinet surfaces. Use a sponge and preferably denatured alcohol to remove all traces of dirt, grease or debris from your cabinet surfaces. Keep the room well ventilated and air-dry your cabinets after cleaning is finished.

  3. The final part of the process of prepping involves the application of a primer-sealer compound. This is easily available and should be applied with a foam brush and left to dry. This seals small holes and presents a smooth surface which paint can adhere to.

  4. Now you can commence with the painting. Invest in a good quality brush for better finish, and paint with strokes starting from the centre going outwards following the grain of the material. You need to apply at least three of four coats, with at least four hours of time between the coats. Similarly paint the base unit following the above steps.

  5. For glazing, make a mixture of paint and glaze in equal parts and apply after the paint has dried off. Tape off areas where you do not want the glaze and finish by removing any excess pigment, and you are done.
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