Accessories for Kitchen Cabinets: More Bang, Less Buck

Accessories_for_Kitchen_Cabinets.jpgFor those who adopt the “less is more” philosophy, there is so much that can be done to make your kitchen cooler and more functional with very little investment. When it comes to kitchens, you want convenience, ease of use and easy access to frequently used equipment. In addition you may wish for an overall look and feel which exudes warmth and pleasantness and makes your time in the kitchen something to look forward to. In the same vein, making small additions to your kitchen can make a big difference, without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are some interesting kitchen accessories ideas that do not cost much but can breathe new life into your kitchen –

  • Power Sources – Power outlets, when mounted on visible surfaces, can really ruin the look of your kitchen. You cannot do without power outlets either, so the solution is to have your power source in a place where it does not stand out. The perfect place are the undersides of your kitchen cabinets, where you can affix a power strip easily to have all the outlets you need at your disposal but without the harmful effects on your kitchen style or safety.

  • Lighting – While many people are not particularly fond of kitchen cabinet lighting, there are solutions available now that can provide real convenience while working in the kitchen. Low profile LED strips can be judiciously used on the side of kitchen cabinets to provide illumination for prepping and cooking, and can be either dimmed or switched off later.

  • Creative Racks – While using racks in the kitchen is not a new concept, a creative way to use racks is to mount them under kitchen cabinets. For example, a stemware rack mounted under a cabinet lets you store your glasses in an accessible location. You can mount a bottle holder right next to it to create an arrangement that is not just convenient but visually appealing.
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