Outdoor Kitchens and Winterisation

Outdoor_Kitchens_and_Winterisation.jpgAdelaide in winter is cold, rainy and windy. Making sure that your outdoor kitchen is covered well and kept out of the weather is important.

Outdoor kitchens should be built to last outside. Your outdoor kitchen should be able to stand the cold weather, without having to bring it all inside. You should take the time to switch your refrigerator off before if it hits freezing temperatures.

Outdoor Refrigerators

Take the time to clean everything thoroughly, even if it’s not being used. This will keep it in shape during the cool months. Empty all the cabinets and clean the inside of your refrigerated unit. Be sure to switch the power off to give it a good rest.

Outdoor BBQ

With your outdoor BBQ, it’s important to clean the entire outside including the unit, stove, refrigerator and grill.

For the cooking areas, use a soft clean cloth and wipe all of the areas with vegetable oil. If you’re not going to be cooking in winter, shut off the gas and store the tank somewhere that won’t freeze.

Outdoor Sink

If you have a sink attached to your outdoor kitchen and you’re living in a cold area such as the Adelaide Hills, you run the risk of freezing. During winter, turn off the water supply and open the taps completely. This will ensure there is no water in the lines that could freeze.

Also use a cover to prevent any dust, grit or debris from blowing into your sink and clogging the drainage area.

Whether you do or don’t use your kitchen during winter, it’s a great idea to clean and re-season it during autumn to keep it in the best condition. 

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