All About Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes, all your kitchen cabinets need is another coat of paint to get a fresh breath of life. Kitchen cabinets can withstand rough use and give a sense of functionality to the kitchen. Over time the paint tends to look old, peel off, develop blemis...

Accessories for Kitchen Cabinets: More Bang, Less Buck

For those who adopt the “less is more” philosophy, there is so much that can be done to make your kitchen cooler and more functional with very little investment. When it comes to kitchens, you want convenience, ease of use and easy access t...

Upgrade Cabinet Handles - Put Kitchen Cabinets to Work

Homeowners will agree that one of the most important aspects of well laid-out and efficient kitchens is high quality kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets need to withstand rigorous use on a daily basis. When you want to upgrade or refurbish your kitchen,...

Ideas for New Kitchen Cupboard Door Handles

Imagine a kitchen without any storage cupboards. Unimaginable, right? Kitchen cupboards are not just important when it comes to storage and functionality; their look also contributes heavily to your overall visual appeal of the kitchen. Therefore, sele...

Tips on Selecting the Right Kitchen Door Handles

If you are a stickler for getting everything just right in your kitchen, you will know the importance of getting the right door handles for your kitchen. Door handles may seem innocuous, but they need to be thoroughly chosen keeping a lot of factors in...

Ideas for Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Handles

Your kitchen is probably the one place in your house where you are likely to spend significant time rustling up delectable dinners and lunches for your family and friends. For this you need have utmost comfort in the kitchen. To achieve this, every par...

Why Should I Choose an Australian Made Kitchen?

Choosing an Australian made kitchen is a no-brainer. Because all kitchens are not the same, installing quality made Australian products will stand the test of time. A professionally custom built kitchen will provide you with great benefits for over a d...

What is the Difference Between a Cabinet Maker and Carpenter?

Cabinetmakers and carpenters are very closely aligned. While both cabinetmakers and carpenters are great with wood, it is the cabinetmakers that focus on the finer details of what can be created with timber.
Cabinetmakers focus on detail...

The Difference Between Kitchen and Laundry Cabinets?

The differences between kitchen cabinets and laundry cabinets are subtle. There are a few dimensional dimensions between the two, with laundry cabinets typically a bit shorter with fewer options. Our custom cabinetry design service gives you the opport...

How to Resurface a Kitchen Cabinet?

You’re in your home everyday so things are going to wear down. But you don’t need to buy new kitchen cabinets to keep your kitchen looking great. Freshen them up with a new coating and resurfaced with a nice look to keep it looking attracti...
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